Q: Password for the File?
A: mosbymods.de

Q: How to install Promods ?

A: copy and paste all promods files to... C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod

Q: What is this ?

A: This is a DLC Unlocker for ETS2 which let you unlock all the DLC’s from Steam without paying them.

Q: Is this safe ?

A: Yes, so far no one got banned from using this.

Q: Will i get banned ?

A: No way.

Q: Why there’s only 7 files ? Where’s the rest of DLC ?

A: The files that i provided its only maps file, the other DLC like Paintjobs, Mission and stuff like that are automatically included with Steam update so you don’t need them.

Q: Can i play Truckers MP with this ?

A: NO, because they server side check DLC.

Q: Can i using ProMods with this ?

A: Yes.

Q: Can i play Convoy with this ?


Q: Why can i take WorldOfTruck jobs from unowned DLC maps ?

A: I guess they server side check too, like Truckers MP.

Q: Which feature that work with this ?

A: Steam Achievement Steam Playtime Tracker You can login to World Of Trucks You can do convoy Installing Mod from Workshop